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Status: completed

Last updated: Mar 9, 2021

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Category: josei


Raised in a home nearly all his life, Sanetora has been provided for anonymously for as long as he could remember. When his mysterious benefactor offers to foster him, he is more than thrilled—it's like a dream come true! The person waiting for him at his would-be new home however, is a startlingly young man with a sharp tongue! Kanae, Sanetora's foster father, is a businessman who runs a company, and is not without an ulterior motive: Sanetora suddenly finds himself employed! As if that wasn't perplexing enough, it turns out the company is no ordinary company—it deals with strange objects that can turn their owners into freaks of nature!! Just how is Sanetora going to live his new life?!

Chapter name Time uploaded

Vol.3 Chapter 16 Residual Memories (2) Mar 9, 2021 Vol.3 Chapter 15 Residual Memories (1) Feb 23, 2021 Vol.3 Chapter 14 Stillness and Motion Jan 22, 2021 Vol.3 Chapter 13 Prisoner Jan 21, 2021 Vol.3 Chapter 12 One's True Worth Jan 3, 2021 Vol.2 Chapter 11 Missing Link Sep 30, 2020 Vol.2 Chapter 10 Overflow Sep 23, 2020 Vol.2 Chapter 9 The Return of the Supposed Hero Jul 15, 2020 Vol.2 Chapter 8 The Lost Children Jul 15, 2020 Vol.2 Chapter 7 Love Me Tender Mar 29, 2020 Vol.2 Chapter 6 Pure Determination Jan 24, 2020 Vol.1 Chapter 5 Childhood Jul 13, 2019 Vol.1 Chapter 4 Jun 5, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 3 Cynical Morning Jan 30, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 2 Continuation of a Dream Part 002 Jan 30, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 1 Continuation of a Dream Part 001 Jan 30, 2018


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