24-ku no Hanako-san

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: Feb 2, 2021

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7 years ago a strange disaster occurred in the 24th ward when laws of reality were distorted in that area. Our main character is a high school boy who lost his little brother. Can Hanako-san from his school help him find his sibling again? But more importantly who is this Hanako-san of the 24th ward?

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 10 Bathing in the 24th ward Feb 2, 2021 Chapter 9 Shooting in the 24th ward Nov 7, 2020 Chapter 8 The triangle in the 24th ward Oct 10, 2020 Chapter 7 Lost in the 24th ward Sep 8, 2020 Chapter 6 Hanako-san from school Aug 17, 2020 Chapter 5 Shoot in the 24th ward! Jul 27, 2020 Chapter 4 Catch me in the 24th ward Jun 18, 2020 Chapter 3 Thank you in the 24th ward May 12, 2020 Chapter 2 Infiltarting the 24th ward Apr 19, 2020 Chapter 1 Apr 5, 2020


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