The Empress with No Virtue

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Author(s): Jiu Xiao Qi

Status: ongoing

Last updated: Apr 23, 2021

Views: 141

Category: josei


Ye Zhenzhen—is the Royal Secretary's legitimate granddaughter. Set to become the Empress through a marriage against her will, Ye Zhenzhen would soon be the Great Wife to the playboy Emperor, Ji Wu Jiu. But... “This damn woman.” On their very first wedding night, she kicked the Emperor off the bed and he sought out his concubine instead! Ever since then, making trouble for the Emperor has become her number one job. Long story short, this disaster was the start of a story between a free-spirited Empress and a playboy Emperor!

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 11 Apr 22, 2021 Chapter 10 Apr 22, 2021 Chapter 9 Apr 16, 2021 Chapter 8 Mar 20, 2021 Chapter 5 Mar 4, 2021 Chapter 4 Feb 25, 2021 Chapter 3 Feb 7, 2021 Chapter 2 Feb 2, 2021 Chapter 1 Jan 21, 2021 Chapter 0 Prologue Jan 21, 2021


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