I Decided to Fake a Marriage with My Junior to Shut My Parents Up

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Last updated: Sep 16, 2020

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Morimoto is getting bugged by her parents to marry (a guy). Her (female) kouhai suggests she fake her marriage so her parents would stop but they will scrutinize every guy she might choose no matter what. Since there's a new law that allows homosexuals to marry, her kouhai suggests herself; only this kouhai has confessed to her before. What will become of their married life? Incluedes additional oneshot: Anaerobic Love Your back is always facing me. I'm watching you way up close.

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 3.5 Anaerobic Love (Oneshot) Feb 17, 2018 Chapter 3 Marriage Jun 24, 2018 Chapter 2 Marriage Jun 4, 2018 Chapter 1 Marriage Apr 28, 2018


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