I'm Not a Villainess!! Just Because I Can Control Darkness Doesn’t Mean I’m a Bad Person!

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: 3 days ago

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Category: shoujo

Formats: adaptation


Due to a certain incident, Sakura's life ended abruptly. To think her life amounted to this... Though depressed for a brief moment, she soon realized she'd reincarnated into the world of a novel she once read! Even so, the person she reincarnated as was none other than the villainess, Claudia. Under the divine protection of the Dark Spirit King, she finds herself despised by those around her, and, in the end, she's fated to meet a tragic death?! No way in hell she'll let both her last life and this one meet a Bad End! But even when she tries to take action to somehow change her fate......? The long awaited manga adaptation of a unique villainess' fantasy tale! Official Manga Website Japanese Light Novel: Bookwalker, Amazon.co.jp

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 12.1 Publisher 2nd Edition Oct 24, 2020 Chapter 12 Oct 24, 2020 Chapter 11 Sep 20, 2020 Chapter 10 Jul 11, 2020 Chapter 9 Jun 12, 2020 Chapter 8 Apr 28, 2020 Chapter 7.5 Apr 27, 2020 Chapter 7 Mar 7, 2020 Chapter 6 Dec 21, 2019 Chapter 5 Dec 6, 2019 Chapter 4 Oct 23, 2019 Chapter 3 Sep 27, 2019 Chapter 2 Aug 18, 2019 Chapter 1 Jul 11, 2019


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