The Wolf Child Sora in the War Zone

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Status: ongoing

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As humans and demons continued endless wars, the mixed forces of various races, the anti-human allied special operations unit and the cross company, were developing local battles in a dense jungle. The captain of the third company, Dill, is bringing up children while running on the battlefield. It is a nemesis child to defeat. It was a small little human child. Chinese: Spoiler 人類與魔族的戰爭,仿佛永無止境。在某處茂密的叢林中,多族混編的反人類聯軍特種部隊·克洛斯中隊,正投身於一場局部戰爭。特種部隊第三中隊隊長迪爾,在戰場上養育了一個小孩。那個天真可愛的孩子,是宿敵——人類的孩子…… Japanese: Spoiler人類と魔族が果てのない戦争を続ける中、様々な種族の混成部隊である対人類連合軍特殊作戦部隊・クロス中隊は鬱蒼としたジャングルで局地戦を展開していた。その第三中隊の隊長・ディルは、戦場を駆けながらも子どもを連れ育てている。それは倒すべき宿敵の子ども。小さな小さな、人間の子どもだった――。 Author's Twitter

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 4 The Soldiers' Lovers Oct 20, 2019 Chapter 3 The Place Where You Should Go Back To Sep 16, 2019 Chapter 2.5 Twitter extra Sep 16, 2019 Chapter 2 The Rhino Beetle in the Cage Aug 24, 2019 Chapter 1 Wolf's Child Aug 16, 2019 Vol.0 Chapter 0.1 Promotional chapter Aug 12, 2020 Vol.0 Chapter 0 Pilot Chapter Aug 12, 2020 Vol.1 Chapter 7.2 Volume 1 release promotional extra Aug 12, 2020 Vol.1 Chapter 7.1 Twitter extra Aug 12, 2020 Vol.1 Chapter 6 The Deadliest Sniper: Part 2 5 days ago Vol.1 Chapter 5 The Deadliest Sniper: Part 1 Aug 2, 2020


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