Isekai ni Tobasareta Ossan wa Doko e Iku?

Status: ongoing

Last updated: Jun 24, 2020

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Category: shounen


What will happen to this Ossan after being hurled into another world? Together with his wolf buddy, he lives a relaxing life. He hasn't battled much, but this Ossan was strong originally. He hates self-important people. And since his family has increased, he's surrounded in fluff. Now, as a result of living such a relaxing life, trouble loves him.

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 29 Ossan and the Source of the Frenzy May 2, 2020 Chapter 28 Ossan and the Ogre Squad Mar 19, 2020 Chapter 27 Ossan Fishing in the Ocean Mar 2, 2020 Chapter 26 Meeting Between the Ossans Feb 14, 2020 Chapter 25 Ossan and a One Night Sleepover Jan 8, 2020 Chapter 24 Ossan And An Old Shrine Dec 26, 2019 Chapter 23 The Gossip About Ossan in the City Nov 15, 2019 Chapter 22 Ossan and the King of Monsters Oct 11, 2019 Chapter 21 Ossan, The Giant, and The Magic Stones. Aug 18, 2019 Chapter 20 Ossan Journeying in the Middle of the Night in Another World Aug 8, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 19 Ossan Returning the Favour in the Other World Jul 7, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 18 Ossan Accepts Requests in the Other World May 26, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 17 Ossan Spreads Seeds in the Other World May 10, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 16 Ossan Motorbiking In The Other World Apr 11, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 15 Ossan Swallowed in the Other World Mar 7, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 14 Ossan Pours Water on Himself in the Other World Jan 30, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 13 Ossan Ploughing Fields in The Other World Jan 29, 2019 Vol.2 Chapter 12 Ossan Is Looking For A Hot Spring In The Other World Dec 24, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 11 Ossan Protesting in the Other World Nov 23, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 10 Ossan Surprised in the Other Oct 15, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 9 Ossan Gambles in the Other World Aug 17, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 8 Ossan Infiltrating in the Other World Jul 27, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 7 Ossan Made a Blunder in the Other World Jul 8, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 6 Ossan Got Involved in the Other World May 22, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 5 Ossan Camping In The Other World Apr 26, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 4 Ossan Had A Fight In The Other World Apr 12, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 3 Ossan Drinking Together In The Other World Apr 5, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 2 Ossan Doing Business In A Different World Apr 2, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 1 What Does Ossan Thinks About In A Different World? Jan 26, 2018


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