Choujin Koukousei-tachi wa Isekai demo Yoyuu de Ikinuku you desu!

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: Feb 27, 2021

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Category: seinen

Formats: adaptation


7 high school students that got caught in an airplane accident wake up, in a middle age like fantasy different world where magic and beast-man (juujin) exist. But they do not panic at their current situation!? They build a nuclear plant in a world without electricity, they control the economy of a large city in a short work's trip, and finally for their benefactor's sake who are suffering from the misgovernment, they declare war on the evil nobles. So... none of them is a normal high school student, each of them are super human high school students that stand at the top of politics, economics, science and medicine! (en-AU) SpoilerA septet of students who stand at the fore of their fields - battle, economics, engineering, medicine, magic (tricks), politics and science - tear through a dimensional plane in their private aerial vehicle end up in a trench in another world. So, what do they do? Panic? Start thinking as protagonists? No! They throw together an efficient nuclear UPS, send satellites into LEO to get their phones working, and all around annihilate any sense of normie isekai traits. Russian / Русский: Spoiler7 старшеклассников, попав в авиакатастрофу, обнаруживают себя в ином мире, где существуют магия и зверолюди. Совершенно не растерявшись, они организовывают строительство АЭС, в кратчайшие сроки берут под контроль экономику крупного города и объявляют войну злым дворянам. И всё потому, что они не обычные люди! Каждый из 7 – гений в своей области, будь то политика медицина или экономика. Адаптация одноимённого ранобэ.

Chapter name Time uploaded

Vol.5 Chapter 41 Sep 7, 2020 Vol.5 Chapter 40 The Requirements for a Nation May 4, 2019 Vol.5 Chapter 39 Godslayer Mar 6, 2019 Vol.5 Chapter 38 Magic and Science Jan 23, 2019 Vol.5 Chapter 37 Crimson Bullet Jan 15, 2019 Vol.5 Chapter 36 The Beginnings of Love Dec 13, 2018 Vol.5 Chapter 35 Artificial Intelligence Sep 7, 2018 Vol.5 Chapter 34 Love Hunter Ringo Jul 21, 2018 Vol.5 Chapter 33 The Emerald Brigade Jul 12, 2018 Vol.5 Chapter 32 A Moment of Respite Jul 5, 2018 Vol.4 Chapter 31.5 Volume 4 Omake Jun 19, 2018 Vol.4 Chapter 31 Miracles of God Jun 19, 2018 Vol.4 Chapter 30 The Path to Reformation Jun 14, 2018 Vol.4 Chapter 29 The Two Wars Jun 7, 2018 Vol.4 Chapter 28 And thus the Fire was Cut May 31, 2018 Vol.4 Chapter 27 Demonstration of True Power May 23, 2018 Vol.4 Chapter 26 The Fire of Hope May 23, 2018 Vol.4 Chapter 25 The Crimson Night May 8, 2018 Vol.4 Chapter 24 The Twilight Flame Apr 30, 2018 Vol.3 Chapter 23.6 Volume 3 Omake May 21, 2018 Vol.3 Chapter 23.5 Work hard on your multiplication, Ruu! Apr 25, 2018 Vol.3 Chapter 23 What we Lost, What we Gained Apr 18, 2018 Vol.3 Chapter 22 The Village's Secret Apr 10, 2018 Vol.3 Chapter 21 Infiltrating the Gustave Region Apr 2, 2018 Vol.3 Chapter 20 The Melancholy of Lilulu Mar 25, 2018 Vol.3 Chapter 19 Acquiring Dolmund City Mar 25, 2018 Vol.3 Chapter 18 The Flame of the Revolution Mar 10, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 17 The Beginning of the Revolution Feb 20, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 16 The Will of the Masses Feb 6, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 15 The Idea of Each Other Jan 30, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 14 Civil Revolution and the Superhuman High Schoolers Jan 27, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 13 Pride and Determination Jan 27, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 12 State of Emergency Jan 27, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 11 An Emergency During the Public Bath Jan 27, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 10 A New Challenge Jan 27, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 9 Beginning the Trial Jan 27, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 8 Decisive Battle Jan 27, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 7 A New Comrade Jan 27, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 6 The Devil of the Business World and the Little Slave Girl Jan 27, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 5 The Young Prime Minister and His Family Jan 27, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 4 A Little Uproar About Mayonnaise Jan 27, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 3 A Hostile Banquet Jan 27, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 2 A Boy From Earth and The Girl From Another World Jan 27, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 1 The Seven Super Human High Schoolers Jan 27, 2018


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