Boukensha ni Naritai to Miyako ni Deteitta Musume ga S Rank ni Natteta

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: 4 days ago

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Category: shounen

Formats: adaptation


After losing his leg as a startup adventurer, he retired to his hometown in the countryside. Doing things such as collecting medicinal herbs, exterminating magic beasts and wild beasts, and helping with the villagers' farm work, it's hard to decide whether to call our protagonist an adventurer or a handyman. And while doing these things his age quickly approached thirty. One day while searching the mountains for herbs, he discovered an abandoned child. Thinking that he couldn't just leave it, he took it home and raised it until his age approached forty. His now grown-up daughter had also wanted to become an adventurer, likely from growing up watching her father. Although her father had taught her the sword since she was young for self-defense, her talent at it was quite impressive. Thinking that it would be better for her not to be stuck out in the country for the rest of her life, our protagonist sent her to the adventurers' guild in the Capital. His daughter officially became an adventurer. After another five years, the protagonist, now in his forties, is still acting as a pseudo-adventurer in the countryside. However his daughter is now a distinguished S Class adventurer but hasn't returned home once yet? Just when will I get to see Daddy again?!??

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 20 Jun 18, 2020 Chapter 19 May 24, 2020 Chapter 18 Apr 19, 2020 Chapter 17 Mar 14, 2020 Chapter 16 Dec 28, 2019 Chapter 15.5 Extra: One Night at Bordeaux House Nov 17, 2019 Chapter 15 Nov 2, 2019 Vol.1 Chapter 14 Sep 28, 2019 Vol.1 Chapter 13 Aug 14, 2019 Vol.1 Chapter 12 Jul 20, 2019 Vol.1 Chapter 11 Jun 25, 2019 Vol.2 Chapter 10 May 5, 2019 Vol.2 Chapter 9 Apr 14, 2019 Vol.2 Chapter 8.2 Feb 19, 2019 Vol.2 Chapter 8 Feb 1, 2019 Vol.2 Chapter 7 Feb 1, 2019 Vol.2 Chapter 6.2 Feb 1, 2019 Vol.2 Chapter 6 Nov 4, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 5 Sep 24, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 4 Aug 22, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 3 Jul 30, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 2 Jun 18, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 1 Jun 11, 2018


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