A Wolf and A Bear

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Author(s): Yi Lee , Yi Lee

Status: completed

Last updated: Dec 9, 2020

Views: 826


Professor Reno, a wizard and an inventor, agreed to cooperate with the military forces to capture a dangerous jail breaker. But the fugitive who appeared out of nowhere had an unbelievable strength which rendered the Professor’s invention useless. And not only that, his provocative smile even reduced the Professor to a sorry and powerless state! From the number one artist of middle-aged and buff “bottoms”, here’s with the original title “Professor Reno’s Observation Journal”! From the editor: “I am observing him for none other than research purposes!” A research full of self-interest by the cultured pervert, Professor Reno!

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 3 Mar 21, 2020 Chapter 2 Mar 15, 2020 Chapter 1 Sep 21, 2019


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