All Saints Street

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Author(s): Lingzi , Lingzi

Status: ongoing

Last updated: 4 days ago

Views: 100,240

Formats: 4-koma


A comic about a bunch of foreign monsters contributing GDP in China.

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 155 The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself. 4 days ago Chapter 154 If You Party Too Hard at the Start of the Month, You’d Have to Beg for Food at the End of It. 4 days ago Chapter 153 The Relationship Between Brothers Are Like the Nose and the Snot – They Can’t Live Without Each Other. 4 days ago Chapter 152 You Said You Were the Elder Brother; I Was the Younger. You Wanted to Shield Me from the Wind and the Rain. 4 days ago Chapter 151 The Animal That Even AIs Cannot Resist Sits at the Top of The Food Chain. 4 days ago Chapter 150 Dedicate Every Moment of Life to Reach for the Dreams in Our Hearts! 4 days ago Chapter 149 When You’re Alone With the Person You Like, You Must Be Calm. If You Aren’t Calm, Then Act Calm. 4 days ago Chapter 148 I Saw You in a Crowd And Never Forgot Your Face. 4 days ago Chapter 147 No Matter Where You Are, Rules and Regulations Must Be Followed 4 days ago Chapter 146 Raising Too Many Pets Will Inevitably Bring Conflict 4 days ago Chapter 145 My World Has Become Indescribably Strange, I Thought It a Dream Fallen from Heaven. I Only Had the Courage to Say I Love You, When I Knew This Temperature in My Palm Came from Your Heart. Jul 29, 2020 Chapter 144 So Shine Bright, Tonight, You and I, We’re Beautiful Like Diamonds in the Sky. Jul 29, 2020 Chapter 143 Natural Talent Can't Be Beaten. Jul 29, 2020 Chapter 142 Being Together is the Best Gift You Can Receive. Jul 29, 2020 Chapter 141 Celebrating the Holidays Means Playing Truth Or Dare! Jul 29, 2020 Chapter 140 Christmas is Here! Jul 29, 2020 Chapter 139 Tell Me Where There’s a Rainbow. Can It Give Me Back My Feelings? Jul 29, 2020 Chapter 138 Pig Teammates Are Scary, But Horse Teammates Are Also Scary. Jul 29, 2020 Chapter 137 You’re Beautiful, It’s True. Jul 29, 2020 Chapter 136 The Consequences of Pranks Should Be Thoroughly Evaluated. Jul 29, 2020 Chapter 135 Remember to Accommodate Everyone’s Life Habits When Living in a Communal Space. Jul 22, 2020 Chapter 134 Cats Always Appear When You Stop Looking For Them. Jul 22, 2020 Chapter 133 A Family Can’t Have Two People With The Same Archetype. Jul 22, 2020 Chapter 132 Sensible Children Are The Most Lovable. Jul 22, 2020 Chapter 131 If Goodwill Had a Form, What Would it Look Like? Jul 22, 2020 Chapter 130 The Charm of a Horse’s Face Is Irresistible. Jul 22, 2020 Chapter 129 Unicorn History Is Soaked In Blood And Tears. Jul 22, 2020 Chapter 128 Living the Jianghu Life, One Must Always Bring Something to Defend Themselves With. Jul 22, 2020 Chapter 127 Finally, You’re Here! Good Thing I Didn’t Give Up. Jul 22, 2020 Chapter 126 Break the East Wall to Fix the West Wall. Jul 22, 2020 Chapter 125 Luosifen Is Really Delicious. Jul 15, 2020 Chapter 122 Halloween Special, Part 1: A Long, Long Time Ago, a Dragon Suddenly Appeared... Jul 15, 2020 Chapter 121 You Dream At Night What You Ate During The Day. Jul 15, 2020 Chapter 120 Gods Are Not Only Skilled in Battles, They’re Also Skilled in Sports. Jul 15, 2020 Chapter 119 Your Lover Might Be Your Long-Lost Sibling. Jul 15, 2020 Chapter 124 Halloween Special, End: So They All Lived Happily Ever After. Jul 15, 2020 Chapter 123 Halloween Special, Part 2: The King Is Easy to Catch, But Hard to Keep. Jul 15, 2020 Chapter 118 What You Make From Tutorials Always Looks Different From The Tutorial Results. Jul 15, 2020 Chapter 117 Food Treatment Is The Ultimate Cure. Jul 15, 2020 Chapter 116 Every Time I Remember My Hair Loss Problem, I Lose More Hair Out of Stress. Jul 15, 2020 Chapter 115 To Be Honest, I Just Want to Understand You Better, Not Pressure You. I'm Just Afraid You'll Forget That Someone Will Always Care About You. Jul 7, 2020 Chapter 114 Whenever I Want to Understand You Better, We Grow More Distant Instead. Jul 7, 2020 Chapter 113 Puberty Comes Later for Some People. Jul 7, 2020 Chapter 112 Fitness Trainers Always Stress Me Out. Jul 7, 2020 Chapter 111 If You Have Something to Say, Say It Properly. Jul 7, 2020 Chapter 110 Schools In, How’s Your Roommate? Jul 7, 2020 Chapter 109 When It Comes to Feelings, You Must Be: Cautious, Cautious, and More Cautious. Jul 7, 2020 Chapter 108 Watch Your Volume When Chatting With Others. Jul 7, 2020 Chapter 107 To All Teachers: Happy Teacher’s Day! Jul 7, 2020 Chapter 106 Dreams Are Where the Heart Is. Jul 7, 2020 Chapter 105 Everyone Feels Uneasy When Handing in Homework. Jun 30, 2020 Chapter 104 A New Semester Brings Fresh New Airs. Jun 30, 2020 Chapter 103 You Are Power, You Are Light, You Are the Only Fairytale. Jun 30, 2020 Chapter 102 Mastery Depends on the Starting Point of One's Journey and One's Specialization. Jun 30, 2020 Chapter 101 If You’re a Real Man, Fight Me Fair and Square! Jun 30, 2020 Chapter 100 We Reached Chapter 100 Today! Jun 30, 2020 Chapter 99 Jealousy Made Me Unrecognisably Ugly. Jun 30, 2020 Chapter 98 Foolish Gege, There Is So Much That You Have Yet to Learn. Jun 30, 2020 Chapter 97 On That Day, We Remembered the Terror of Losing Electricity in Summer. Jun 30, 2020 Chapter 96 Everyone Has a Couple of Dramatic Friends. Jun 30, 2020 Chapter 95 A Trip Feels Lacking Without Buying Some Souvenirs. Jun 23, 2020 Chapter 94 I Was Wrong, Really Wrong. Coming To This Place Was A Mistake Right From The Start. Jun 23, 2020 Chapter 93 That Person is Father, That Person is Dad! Jun 23, 2020 Chapter 92 Daddy is Back! Jun 23, 2020 Chapter 91 The Rulers of Hell are Kangaroos. Jun 23, 2020 Chapter 90 Hell is Easy to Enter, Difficult to Exit. Jun 23, 2020 Chapter 89 In a Swimming Pool, The True Colours of Your Friends Will Be Revealed. Jun 23, 2020 Chapter 88 I Have the Same Wish Every Summer, Which Is To Learn How to Swim. Jun 23, 2020 Chapter 87 Summer is Here! Come Play in The Water Together! Jun 23, 2020 Chapter 86 The Correct Method of Wolf Keeping Jun 23, 2020 Chapter 85 Summer Break Is Here! There is Nothing Cooler Than Staying Inside, Turning On The Air Conditioner, and Lying Down. Jun 16, 2020 Chapter 84 When You’re Living Far From Home Alone, Only Your Family Would Worry About If You Were Eating Healthy. Jun 16, 2020 Chapter 83 Education in Hell is Truly A Well-Rounded Education. Jun 16, 2020 Chapter 82 You Are My Sister, You Are My Baby! Jun 16, 2020 Chapter 81 I Like You - Not Because I Was Shot By The God Of Love. Jun 16, 2020 Chapter 80 There Are Always A Few Common Clichés To Remove Magic. Jun 16, 2020 Chapter 79 Want To Date My Little Sister? OVER MY DEAD BODY. Jun 16, 2020 Chapter 78 Parents Are Always Worried About Their Kids Being In Love Jun 16, 2020 Chapter 77 Friend, I’ll Be Your One-Second Friend. Jun 16, 2020 Chapter 76 Friendship With Someone From A Different Species Starts With Doing a Deep Dive Into Their Species’ Inner Workings. Jun 16, 2020 Chapter 75 My Only Wish Is To Keep Howling. Jun 9, 2020 Chapter 74 Lynn-Laoshi Frowned, and He Realised That Things Weren’t So Simple. Jun 9, 2020 Chapter 73 I’m Watching My Path, The Entrance to This Dream Is A Little Narrow, To Meet You Was The Most Beautiful Accident. Jun 9, 2020 Chapter 72 Love Shines on the Bright Ones. Jun 9, 2020 Chapter 71 The Great Landlord is Here! Jun 9, 2020 Chapter 70 What Kind of Zongzi Did You Eat Today? Jun 9, 2020 Chapter 69 In a Dream, The Air Billows Into Smoke. Through the Mist, A Perfect Face Slowly Appears… Jun 9, 2020 Chapter 68 Different Species Have Different Necessities. Jun 9, 2020 Chapter 67 When Parents Are Fighting, Choose Your Side Carefully. Jun 9, 2020 Chapter 66 There’s No Such Thing as Free Eggs. Jun 9, 2020 Chapter 65 Not Everyone Can Chat With The Birds Like Snow White. Jun 2, 2020 Chapter 64 Choose Your Bedside Plant Wisely. Jun 2, 2020 Chapter 63 Don’t Kick the Goddamn Baby. Jun 2, 2020 Chapter 62 When You Need Me, I’ll Keep You Company. My Good Brother, Tell Me About Your Pain and Struggles. Jun 2, 2020 Chapter 61 Young Man, I See That You Have Incredible Potential and Bone Structure. Do You Want to Go to Hell With Me? Jun 2, 2020 Chapter 60 Watch Your Words and Watch What You Eat~ Jun 2, 2020 Chapter 59 You Are the Demon Among Angels, Your Gift to Me Is Heartbreak, Only Feeling the Forks Embedded in Me, When My Last Second of Happiness Flees. Jun 2, 2020 Chapter 58 Lynn-Laoshi, Come Here! Your Backyard Is On Fire! Jun 2, 2020 Chapter 57 An Excellent Salesperson is Always Fully Equipped. Jun 2, 2020 Chapter 56 If I Had a Glowstick, I’d Make It Go Soft, Go Hard, and Go Bright! Jun 2, 2020 Chapter 55 For Little Sisters, All Difficulties Are But Paper Tigers. May 26, 2020 Chapter 54 Take My Sister Away. May 26, 2020 Chapter 53 Ride on My Beast and Live to Ninety-Six. May 26, 2020 Chapter 52 A Dry and Enjoyable Day Starts with Hard Work! May 26, 2020 Chapter 51 Doesn’t This Hellhound Look Familiar? May 26, 2020 Chapter 50 Choosing a Dance Partner Is Just Like Choosing a Spouse - The One That Suits You Is the Best May 26, 2020 Chapter 49 Only True Culture is Worth Presenting to the World. May 26, 2020 Chapter 48 Cat Hairs are Only Cute When They're on Cats May 26, 2020 Chapter 47 I Have a Cat on My Head! I Don't Have a Tail! Nobody Knows How Many ~Secrets I Have~ May 26, 2020 Chapter 46 Spring Is Here, Everybody Come Out and Feel the Sunshine~ May 26, 2020 Chapter 45 Son, Dad is Very Disappointed in You May 20, 2020 Chapter 44 On a Clear, Sunny Day We Entered the Museum Under the Guidance of Our Teacher. May 20, 2020 Chapter 43 Please Cherish Your Graphic Designer Friends. May 20, 2020 Chapter 41 The World’s Parents are All the Same. May 20, 2020 Chapter 40 Be Careful When Summoning, Be Sure to Find a Good Place to Draw the Arrays. May 20, 2020 Chapter 39 The Ageless Universe Would Grow Old if it Felt Humanity's Plight, Red String of Love Guide Me to the Light. May 20, 2020 Chapter 38 Want to Make People Fall in Love Spontaneously? First, you need a Cupid. May 20, 2020 Chapter 37 Yet Another Day of Fighting For The Fighter Of Love. May 20, 2020 Chapter 42 Demonstrate Special Powers at the Right Time, in Moderation. May 20, 2020 Chapter 36 Happy Year of the Rooster! Thank You For Being Here! May 20, 2020 Chapter 35 Beijinger Who Can’t Sugar Paint Isn’t A Good Miaohui-goer. May 13, 2020 Chapter 34 Be Careful When You Adopt Cultural Practices. May 13, 2020 Chapter 31 Hey There Noodle Lover, Have Any Noodles Today? May 13, 2020 Chapter 30 The Essential Skill of Chinese Foodies. May 13, 2020 Chapter 29 My Friend, Give This Siberian Wolf Hair Brush From Rocia A Try. May 13, 2020 Chapter 28 I Wish I Could Become That Angel You Loved, And Send You To Heaven. May 13, 2020 Chapter 33 Erratic Movement During Sleep May Indicate Nightmares. May 13, 2020 Chapter 32 Avoid good omens to climb ranks and prosper. May 13, 2020 Chapter 27 All Night, All Day. Angels Watching Over Me! May 13, 2020 Chapter 26 Alcoholism Damages Neighbourly Relations May 13, 2020 Chapter 25 Lynn’s Sister Who Fell From Heaven. May 6, 2020 Chapter 24 If Santa Was Like the Wind. May 6, 2020 Chapter 23 Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way! May 6, 2020 Chapter 22 We Do Not Manufacture Souls; We are Only Their Harvesters. May 6, 2020 Chapter 21 Revive Your Body And Regain Lively Radiance. May 6, 2020 Chapter 20 Abu Still Doesn’t Know The Species Of That Bird He Picked Up By The Garden... It’s Actually a Magpie~ May 6, 2020 Chapter 19 If You Would Peel Open My Heart Layer By Layer By Layer. May 6, 2020 Chapter 18 Xiao Lu, The Zombie Who Eats With His Face. May 6, 2020 Chapter 17 A Bloody Good Time - Artificial Blood You Can Trust. May 6, 2020 Chapter 16 With a Thankful Heart, Thank You for Being Here. May 6, 2020 Chapter 15 Orange Smog Alert; Beware of Half-Beast Creatures. Apr 29, 2020 Chapter 14 Because You’re Worth It. Apr 29, 2020 Chapter 13 It’s the Angel’s Duty to Guide the Lost Lamb Apr 29, 2020 Chapter 12 Through Life And Death, The Best Partners! I · Abi, Now In Cinemas! Apr 29, 2020 Chapter 11 What Reason Do You Have To Not Work Hard? Apr 29, 2020 Chapter 10 New North Is Your First Choice For Learning Chinese! Apr 29, 2020 Chapter 9 May Heaven Have No Sh*tty Tenants Apr 29, 2020 Chapter 8 A Wolf From the North Apr 29, 2020 Chapter 7 We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Werewolf We Saw Apr 29, 2020 Chapter 6 This One Is A Nekomata Apr 29, 2020 Chapter 5 Do Not Disturb Random Stray Cats In The Streets Apr 22, 2020 Chapter 4 While Cute, Pandas Are Hard to Keep Apr 22, 2020 Chapter 3 Panda Fanatic Apr 22, 2020 Chapter 2 It’s Nice to have Friends from Abroad Apr 22, 2020 Chapter 1 Hello Everyone, my Name is Neil Bowman Apr 22, 2020


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