Wakamono no Kuro Mahou Hanare ga Shinkoku desu ga, Shuushoku shite Mitara Taiguu Iishi, Shachou mo Tsukaima mo Kawaikute Saikou desu!

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: Oct 17, 2020

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Category: shounen

Formats: adaptation


English: Franz is a recent graduate of magic school who is having trouble finding a job - he constantly bungles interviews due to his poor communication skills. With all the major magical jobs out of his reach, there’s only one place left for him to go. The industry of black magic. Known for being Disgusting, Dirty, and Dangerous, Franz is incredibly hesitant to actually enter such a market until he no longer has a choice. With his back to the wall, he talks to the Black Magic Incorporation’s CEO, who tells him the truth - black magic has shed its harmful exterior, and has instead become Pure, Pleasant, and Permissive. In short, Black Magic Inc. has actually become a white company. Join Franz, his Cerberus boss, and his succubus familiar as they get into wacky adventures meeting other magicians, and getting to know them in the biblical sense. By the author of "I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level" and "I, the Demon Lord, got married to the female hero's mother making her my stepdaughter." Portuguese / Português: SpoilerFranz é um recém-formado na escola de magia que está tendo problemas para encontrar um emprego, ele estraga constantemente suas entrevistas devido a suas habilidades de comunicação pobres. Com todas as principais empresas mágicas fora de alcance, resta apenas um lugar para ir, a indústria da magia negra. Conhecida por ser insegura, suja e perigosa, Franz se recusa a entrar nesse mercado até não ter outra escolha. Spanish / Español: SpoilerFranz es un recién graduado de la escuela de magia que está teniendo problemas para encontrar un trabajo; constantemente estropea sus entrevistas debido a sus malas habilidades de comunicación. Con todos los principales trabajos mágicos fuera de su alcance, solo le queda un lugar para ir. La industria de la magia negra. Conocida por ser insegura, impura e inmunda, Franz se rehúsa a ingresar a ese mercado hasta que ya no le queda otra opción. Entre la espada y la pared, habla con el CEO de la Asociación de Magia Negra, quien le dice la verdad: la magia negra ha eliminado su dañino exterior y, en cambio, se ha vuelto Pura, Pacífica y Permisiva. En resumen, la Asociación de Magia Negra se ha convertido en una compañía blanca. WN Link (Raw): https://ncode.syosetu.com/n7498dq/ Next volume release: January 2021

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 28.5 Payback ★ Sabbath Aug 29, 2020 Chapter 28 The Dark Side of the Idol Industry Jul 29, 2020 Chapter 27 Even The Undead Are Human Jul 24, 2020 Chapter 26 The Undead's Work is too Harsh Jun 19, 2020 Chapter 25 To be Devoted to Desire Jun 15, 2020 Chapter 24 Eleanor's Mini Studying Abroad Jun 13, 2020 Chapter 23.5 Seniors and Juniors and Another Apr 8, 2020 Chapter 23 Nursing 'Prez and White Magic Apr 8, 2020 Chapter 22 Seniors and Juniors Apr 7, 2020 Chapter 21 Ancestor and The Curse of Deflation Apr 7, 2020 Chapter 20 Parents' House and The Ancestor Apr 6, 2020 Chapter 19 The Mid-Career Recruited Alligator-Person Senpai Jan 9, 2020 Chapter 18 The Start of Beach Season at Lightstone Dec 31, 2019 Chapter 17.5 My First Real Succubus Dec 18, 2019 Chapter 17 Rivals and Networking Dec 15, 2019 Chapter 16 I went to the Black Magic Industry's New Employee Training Dec 8, 2019 Chapter 15 Swamp Trolls and Village Revitalization Dec 4, 2019 Chapter 14 The Issue of Remote Village Development Dec 2, 2019 Chapter 13 I'm Back and Welcome Home Nov 28, 2019 Chapter 12 Stop That Succubus Matchmaking! Nov 22, 2019 Chapter 11.5 Mary's Long Night Nov 6, 2019 Chapter 11 Black Magic for Someone's Sake Nov 2, 2019 Chapter 10 What Would be Good to Destroy? Oct 28, 2019 Chapter 9 The Nightmare Ancestor is Sleep Deprived Oct 25, 2019 Chapter 8 Mary's Backside Oct 21, 2019 Chapter 7 Two is More Than One, Three is More Than Two Oct 20, 2019 Chapter 6 My First Expedition Came With Many Other Firsts Sep 5, 2019 Chapter 5.5 Omake Aug 29, 2019 Chapter 5 Necro Grant has Great Pay and the President, Familiar and Senpai are all Cute. It's the Best. Aug 26, 2019 Chapter 4 The Swamp Water May be Cold, but The Company is Very Warm Aug 22, 2019 Chapter 3 My First Job Aug 21, 2019 Chapter 2 Aug 20, 2019 Chapter 1 Jul 25, 2019


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