College Student Empress

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Author(s): Jinyagi , Jinyagi

Status: ongoing

Last updated: Jan 12, 2021

Views: 836


A beautiful flirt whose blatant honesty comes off as harassment, Shin Hae-seol, a college student living life to its fullest. But somehow, she wakes up as the "Empress" in a strange place. She is required to be elegant, beautiful, graceful, and dignified as an example to the other women of the country. To make things worse, she isn't allowed to leave her husband (the emperor) who spends his days having flings with concubines. However, hope comes down from the sky in the form of a mysterious message. "If you kill the royals, I will send you back to your original world!" Based on the Original Webnovel by Jinyagi Official English translation on Comico's Pocket Comics app

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 8 Aug 22, 2020 Chapter 7 Aug 4, 2020 Chapter 6 Jul 18, 2020 Chapter 5 Jun 16, 2020 Chapter 4 Jun 1, 2020 Chapter 3 May 15, 2020 Chapter 2 May 8, 2020 Chapter 1 Apr 20, 2020 Vol.1 Chapter 0 Prologue Mar 28, 2020


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