Divine Soul Emperor

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Last updated: 4 days ago

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Category: shoujo


The young man Lin Yan awakened the waste spirit and was ridiculed by everyone, but he did not know that the spirit was called the life and death coffin, and he turned around the heavens and earth. He also included a beautiful young girl master Qian Qianxue with unlimited ability. Ultimately the position of God Emperor Wu.

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 11 Become A Six-Star Warrior On Day 8 4 days ago Chapter 10 I Want To Be Stronger Quickly 4 days ago Chapter 9 Heavenly Yang Constitution 4 days ago Chapter 8 Lord Pavilion Zhou 6 days ago Chapter 7 Hundred Treasure Pavilion 6 days ago Chapter 6 The Eagle's Soul Is Useless Jul 2, 2020 Chapter 5 Crystal Fruit Jun 28, 2020 Chapter 4 Demon Beast Mountain Jun 27, 2020 Chapter 3 Personal Alchemist Master Jun 26, 2020 Chapter 2 Inside the Black Coffin Jun 25, 2020 Chapter 1 Jun 24, 2020


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