Like A Wind On A Dry Branch

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Author(s): Moon Seaul , Uret

Status: ongoing

Last updated: 3 days ago

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"Hi, You." Count Casarius fell victim to a plague and died suddenly, leaving behind a will stating that Rietta, his beautiful young widow of the manor, whom he tried to use as a concubine, be buried alive alongside him. Just before Rietta is buried, Archduke Axias, rumored to be a cruel tyrant, arrives at the funeral to collect the enormous debt Count Casarius still owes him. "Everyone here seems to feel sorry for her, and I still have a debt to collect from Casarius… If I take her instead, I think all of you here should be happy," he smiled. "Hello, Temptress."

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 2 A Harsh Season (2) 5 days ago Chapter 1 Sep 16, 2020


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