.flow - Untitled (Doujinshi)

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Status: completed

Last updated: Jul 9, 2020

Views: 201

Category: seinen

Formats: doujinshi


"Sabitsuki was once dead, but her parents managed to bring her back to life after countless experiments and mistakes. Now that she’s alive, her parents are worried about how she died in the first place, so they prepare everything in order for her to learn to enjoy life again. But being alive means to suffer sometimes, and therefore, happiness can’t last forever." Manga doujinshi by Mariyasu, a user on pixiv, based on .flow, a Yume Nikki fangame done in RPGMaker2000.

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 3 May 31, 2018 Chapter 2 May 31, 2018 Chapter 1 May 31, 2018


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