Tonari no Senpai to Kininaru Kouhai

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: 23 hours ago

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A lonely freshman girl has failed to connect with any of her classmates and hasn't made any friends. That is, until a scary-looking upperclassman girl reaches out and makes her join her club with the sole purpose of keeping her company. Author's Twitter

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 7 After School and Senpai 3 days ago Chapter 6 Drama Club and Senpai Jul 1, 2020 Chapter 5 Senpai just called her by her name Jun 12, 2020 Chapter 4 First Club Activities and Their Way Home Jun 10, 2020 Chapter 3 A Whim and Monologue Jun 5, 2020 Chapter 2 Welcome Jun 3, 2020 Chapter 1 The day they first met Jun 3, 2020


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