Megami no Sprinter

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: Dec 28, 2020

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Category: seinen


Takase is the opposite of his brother. He's weaker and struggles in school. He recently moved into his married brother's house in order to receive coaching to improve his physical health. The coach, also known as the "Venus of Track," is none other than his sister-in-law. The Venus of Track is researching and developing a new technique to improve male performance by testosterone management. In other words, manipulation of sexual desire. She has dubbed it "Absolute Obedience" and Takase must undergo it to improve himself. Takase's life is in for a dramatic change...

Chapter name Time uploaded

Vol.5 Chapter 30 Dec 28, 2020 Chapter 29 Oct 18, 2020 Chapter 28 Extreme Sports Sep 22, 2020 Chapter 27 A Storm During the Night Jun 27, 2020 Chapter 26 Pole Vault - Hard Mode Jun 27, 2020 Chapter 25 What You Lack May 13, 2020 Vol.4 Chapter 24 Within The Steam Mar 23, 2020 Vol.4 Chapter 23 The 23rd Day: Capture The Moment Feb 22, 2020 Vol.4 Chapter 22 The 18th Day: A Newcomer During The Midsummer Jan 5, 2020 Vol.5 Chapter 22 The 18Th Day: A Newcomer During The Midsummer Jan 5, 2020 Vol.4 Chapter 21 The 21st Day: Overcoming Trials Nov 18, 2019 Vol.4 Chapter 20 The 20th Day: Rampage Nov 12, 2019 Vol.4 Chapter 19 The 19th Day: Throb! My PC Muscle! Nov 10, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 18 The 18th Day: The Beast On A Summer's Night Oct 18, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 17 The 17th Day: A 100m Race Jul 27, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 16 The 16th Day: Bathroom Crisis Jun 8, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 15 The 15th Day: Venus Effect May 16, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 14 The 14th Day: Because There's a Mountain Over There May 1, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 13 The 13th Day: Emergency Situation Apr 19, 2019 Vol.2 Chapter 12 The 12th Day: Crisis Approaching Feb 23, 2019 Vol.2 Chapter 11 The 11th Day: Training For You Jan 12, 2019 Vol.2 Chapter 10 The 10th Day: Maidens, Awaken Dec 21, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 9 The 9th Day: Reaching Out a Hand to Hope Dec 8, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 8 The 8th Day: That's The Place Packed Full of Dreams Oct 26, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 7 The 7th Day: Sensei Will Support You All The Way Oct 12, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 6 The 6th Day: Under the Sun Aug 31, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 5 The 5th Day: Let's Meet in Dreamland Aug 18, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 4 The 4th Day: Stretching is Important Aug 6, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 3 The 3rd Day: The Mind Surpasses The Body Jul 24, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 2 The 2nd Day: Importance of Image Training Jun 2, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 1 The 1st Day: Track's Venus Apr 26, 2018


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