Sokushi Cheat ga Saikyou Sugite, Isekai no Yatsura ga Marude Aite ni Naranai n desu ga

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: 3 days ago

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Category: shounen


Growth cheats? Infinite magic power? The ability to utilize all archetypes? What’s the point if instant death ends everything with a single attack? High school senior Yogiri Takatou was on a school field trip when he woke up to a dragon assaulting his sightseeing bus, with the only ones still on the bus being him and his female classmate, the panicking Tomochika Dannoura. Apparently the rest of his classmates had been given special powers by Sion, a woman who introduced herself as Sage, and escaped from the dragon, leaving those that hadn’t received any special powers behind as dragon bait. And so Yogiri was thrown into a parallel universe full of danger, with no idea of what just happened. Likewise, Sion had no way of knowing just what kind of being she had summoned to her world.

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 20 Saito Rikuto and Hayanose Aoi Feb 29, 2020 Chapter 19 The Daughter Of A Warrior Family Feb 23, 2020 Chapter 18 Star crystals are...? Feb 3, 2020 Chapter 17 Won't it solve everything if I just kill him Nov 7, 2019 Chapter 16 Even if you say you're a celebrity travelling incognito Nov 3, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 15 Maybe this happens often in parallel worlds Oct 31, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 14 AΩ Jul 5, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 13 What is Mokomoko-san's trump card? Jun 30, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 12 I decide what death is May 16, 2019 Vol.3 Chapter 11 Let’s look like Allies of Justice for just a little more! Apr 10, 2019 Vol.2 Chapter 10 Life's harsh Jan 27, 2019 Vol.2 Chapter 9 What do you mean you killed ice!? Dec 29, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 8 Aren't support classes way too versatile in this world!? Dec 2, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 7 Magnificent as always, Master! Oct 30, 2018 Vol.2 Chapter 6 The eyeball's besides the point Sep 29, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 5 Such as Oda Nobunaga or Sanyuutei Enchou Jul 29, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 4 My guardian spirit is the strongest, so even the other world is a piece of cake Jul 12, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 3 Jerks are almost all Japanese Jul 9, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 2 Because your boobs were soft Jul 5, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 1 Die Sep 30, 2018


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