Pujo to Yajuu

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: Jun 25, 2021

Views: 30,380

Category: shoujo

Type: manga

Scanlators: Mangamutiny


Pujo to Yajuu is a funny love story about a high school girl called Momoka who loves wrestling, and Kuga, a wrestler who looks like a bad guy and often plays the villain but has actually a pure heart. Momoka is a huge fan of Kuga and keeps sending him supportive messages on Twitter. She even sent him a fan letter and one day after one of his matches he suddenly calls her... That's how the clumsy love story of those two starts.

Chapter name Time uploaded

Vol.3 Chapter 12 Foul!? Jan 21, 2021 Vol.3 Chapter 11 Rivals Dec 7, 2020 Vol.3 Chapter 10 The Secret Date Nov 11, 2020 Vol.3 Chapter 9 Us Alone!? Nov 5, 2020 Vol.2 Chapter 8 The Date Sep 5, 2020 Vol.2 Chapter 7 Yoshimitsu Kuga - Age 23 Sep 3, 2020 Vol.2 Chapter 6 Jul 17, 2020 Vol.1 Chapter 5 We're Not Messing Around May 26, 2020 Vol.1 Chapter 4 Adult or Child May 7, 2020 Vol.1 Chapter 3 Honest People May 6, 2020 Vol.1 Chapter 2 The Reason For The Kiss May 6, 2020 Vol.1 Chapter 1 Momoka and Kuga-San May 6, 2020


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