Sengoku Night Blood

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Status: completed

Last updated: Nov 11, 2020

Views: 247

Category: josei

Formats: adaptation


On the way home from meeting a friend, Yuzuki hears a mysterious sound. The next thing she knows, she’s in a world called “Jinga” where military commanders fight to unify the whole country. However, after being rescued by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, she learns that they are all vampires...?! The popular mobile game with valiant yet beautiful military commanders gets a manga adaptation!

Chapter name Time uploaded

Vol.2 Chapter 5 Oda Nobunaga Nov 11, 2020 Vol.1 Chapter 4 Lone Sacrifice Jul 4, 2020 Vol.1 Chapter 3 An Excellent Advisor Apr 13, 2020 Vol.1 Chapter 2 Blood Awakening Sep 8, 2019 Vol.1 Chapter 1 The Girl Who Was Led To Jinga Jun 24, 2019


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