Stairway of Time

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: Jan 13, 2021

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Ryu Ji Hun And Lee Yeon Ah... We were the best couple. The love of youth… crazy and crazy. But that love… I killed him and ruined my life completely. If I can go back to the past, it would do so much… Not to be tied to you. Avoiding you. 14 years later, in order to change this unfortunate reality of a greater unfortunate situation, Yeon Ah rises to the thirteenth stairway to the past, following a suddenly rising memory. If this is real... If she really jumped into the past, will she be able to avoid making this unfortunate mistake again?! 32 years old Lee Yeon Ah went back to the past, 14 years ago. Can she really break her relationship with her first love and change her terrible past? Climb with us to the STAIRWAY OF TIME...

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 13 Jan 13, 2021 Chapter 12 Jan 13, 2021 Chapter 11 Jan 13, 2021 Chapter 10 Sep 17, 2020 Chapter 9 Aug 25, 2020 Chapter 8 Jul 31, 2020 Chapter 7 Jul 4, 2020 Chapter 6 May 6, 2020 Chapter 5 Apr 25, 2020 Chapter 4 Apr 14, 2020 Chapter 3 Feb 28, 2020 Chapter 2 Feb 9, 2020 Chapter 1 Jan 12, 2020 Chapter 0 Prologue Dec 7, 2019


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