Sweet Plunder

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: Jul 31, 2020

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A poor girl entered an elite academy, and accidentally became the target for the rich people's "love hunt". The academy's elegant men become animals like a wolf, lion, bear, and snake in the anonymous chatroom, while treating the girl's heart as a game of gamble... The girl that suddenly discovers the dark truth of the game decides to bare her teeth and break the hearts of these people that attempted to play her, while also trying to uncover the game's mastermind... The revenge of the prey starts now!

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 6 Discipline Jul 30, 2020 Chapter 5 A Sensible Girl Jul 8, 2020 Chapter 4 A Piercing Embrace Jun 30, 2020 Chapter 3 Poisonous Love Jun 24, 2020 Chapter 2 Young Master's Possessions May 6, 2020 Chapter 1 Love Hunt May 2, 2020


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