The Law of Raising a Wolf

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: Sep 27, 2020

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You Qi is a cowardly and timid man, who is constantly chasing over Zhou Zheng, a man with a mean and violent character. Feeling annoyed at being with such a pushover, Zhou Zheng couldn’t help but to care for him. A tsundere actor and a nobody who puts his cowardice aside to take part as a stand-in actor. Can they face their true selves?

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 10 You're not dreaming Sep 27, 2020 Chapter 9 He dares to leave me all alone! Sep 27, 2020 Chapter 8 Performing for her Sep 5, 2020 Chapter 7 His rumoured girlfriend Sep 5, 2020 Chapter 6 Can I hold your hand to sleep? Aug 22, 2020 Chapter 5 I’m not scared of ghosts! Aug 22, 2020 Chapter 4 Long time no see cutie~ Aug 8, 2020 Chapter 3 Don't expect anyone to like you! Aug 8, 2020 Chapter 2 You're really disgusting Aug 2, 2020 Chapter 1 A decent director doesn’t like you Jul 26, 2020


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