The Night God

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Author(s): 左小岸

Status: completed

Last updated: 6 days ago

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Chen Xiao is an ordinary high school student, but his true identity is the protector of the "evil" and "hope". with the burden of guarding the secret of the night, he is the night god and is admired by all spirits. When this identity is inherited by a high school student who is afraid of trouble while he is being harassed by the "evil" and "hope" every day, what will he do?

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 11 The Appearance of Manly Girl! 6 days ago Chapter 10.5 Winter Special Jul 24, 2020 Chapter 10 The Bloodied Memory 1.2 Jul 17, 2020 Chapter 9 The Bloodied Memory 1.1 Jul 9, 2020 Chapter 8 Leave this to me! Jul 3, 2020 Chapter 7 The Night God's Shot Jun 26, 2020 Chapter 6 Counterattack Jun 19, 2020 Chapter 5 Evilized Jun 12, 2020 Chapter 4 New Enemy's Appearance Jun 5, 2020 Chapter 3 I Cover This Area May 29, 2020 Chapter 2 Pranked May 15, 2020 Chapter 1 Hello, Mater Night God! May 15, 2020 Chapter 0 I am the Night God Apr 28, 2020


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