Tsugi wa Sasete ne

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: Feb 18, 2021

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Category: shoujo


English: Sixteen-year-old Yanagisawa Yae is our very optimistic heroine. Even when she was given only two options to pick from—either to move overseas with her parents due to their jobs or to move to the countryside to stay closer to her grandparents, she chose the latter. As she looked up the apartment she would be moving into, she ended up in a shrine. Since she is in the shrine anyways, she offers her prayer and tries out the fortune-notes. Incredibly, she picks up a "very good-luck" fortune-note yet it has only bad lucks written on it. The next day, despite of all her optimism, Yae finds herself struggling as misfortunes befall her one after another… French / Français: SpoilerYae, lycéenne vivant à Tokyo, doit soudainement déménager chez de la famille proche en plein milieu de la campagne Japonaise suite à la mutation à l'étranger de ses parents. Alors qu'elle cherche sa nouvelle maison, elle se perd et atterrie dans un des nombreux temples alentours. Elle y rencontre Oda, un prêtre qui ne la laisse pas longtemps indifférente. Il semblait attentionné et drôle, alors pourquoi l'embrasse-t-il soudainement?! Une douce comédie d'amour mettant en scène un prêtre bien pieux☆

Chapter name Time uploaded

Vol.1 Chapter 3 Feb 18, 2021 Vol.1 Chapter 2 Jan 30, 2021 Vol.1 Chapter 1 Jan 16, 2021


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