Warring States

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: 4 days ago

Views: 1,932

Category: seinen

Type: manhua

Scanlators: Mangamutiny


I, Ji Qing, crossed into the Gaowu version of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. You have a sword, I can't die! You have the magic of the world, I can't die! You have a nearly-godlike move, I still can't die! An ordinary person who can't die no matter what, how will I fare in this war-torn world of rigorous battles?

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 13 4 days ago Chapter 12 Gifted May 12, 2020 Chapter 11 The ceremony of a servant Feb 2, 2019 Chapter 10 We need a servant Dec 25, 2018 Chapter 9 Please payback now Dec 16, 2018 Chapter 8 One vs A nation Dec 8, 2018 Chapter 7 I came for revenge Dec 8, 2018 Chapter 6 Sorry, my name is not Da Huang Dec 7, 2018 Chapter 5 A heartfelt gratidute Dec 1, 2018 Chapter 4 Earth Lock: Stage one Nov 28, 2018 Chapter 3 Sudden Change! Nov 21, 2018 Chapter 2 Sep 11, 2018 Chapter 1 Aug 29, 2018


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