Wild Police Story

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: 3 days ago

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Category: shounen

Formats: adaptation


Spinoff of Amuro and Co. during their Police Academy Days. For those who didn't remember the characters (heavy spoilers, not recommended if you haven't reached at least chapter 1000):SpoilerRei Furuya a.k.a Tooru Amuro a.k.a Bourbon : The only person currently alive in the main Detective Conan series Jinpei Matsuda : Before joining the MPD in the main series, he was in a bomb disposal unit. He died after purposely failing to defuse a bomb in a ferris wheel to inform Miwako the location of the other bomb Kenji Hagiwara : Matsuda's friend who died years before Matsuda in a similar bomb case Wataru Date : Takagi's senpai; Takagi was once mistaken as Date when he visited the family of Date's girlfriend after Date's death Hiromitsu Morofushi a.k.a Scotch : brother of Koumei who killed himself in front of Shuuichi Akai

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 12 Cherry blossom storm 3 days ago Chapter 11 Gathering and discussing Nov 11, 2020 Chapter 10 You reap what you sow Nov 11, 2020 Chapter 9 With lightning speed Jul 11, 2020 Chapter 8 Pride comes before the fall Jun 30, 2020 Chapter 7 Gentle yet firm Jun 25, 2020 Chapter 6 Without reserve Jun 21, 2020 Chapter 5 Learning from history Feb 19, 2020 Chapter 4 With fortitude and vigor Feb 8, 2020 Chapter 3 Of One Heart And Mind Dec 21, 2019 Chapter 2 Outrageous Behavior Oct 12, 2019 Chapter 1 A Fight Between Equals Oct 7, 2019


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