People made fun of me for being jobless but its not bad at all

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: Jun 29, 2021

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Shirosaki Reito was suddenly sucked in by a mysterious crack and got transferred in between dimensions. He got reincarnated as a baby in another world. He was born in the royal family and was the heir to the throne, but he was driven/kicked of the palace. The reason was that he was born as a Support magician and had Alchemist as a job which was the lowest job that existed in the new world and people who had that were considered jobless. But there was a secret hidden in that job!!
From jobless to the strongest job!!!

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 13 Jun 29, 2021 Chapter 12 May 30, 2021 Chapter 10 Nov 27, 2020 Chapter 9 Dec 2, 2020 Chapter 8 Oct 23, 2020 Chapter 7 Aug 17, 2020 Chapter 6 Aug 17, 2020 Chapter 5 Aug 17, 2020 Chapter 4 Challenging Another Skill Jul 8, 2020 Chapter 3 Jun 8, 2020 Chapter 2 Jun 5, 2020 Chapter 1 Dec 29, 2019


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