100 Ways to Heal a Psychopath

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Status: ongoing

Last updated: Aug 4, 2020

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Category: shoujo


Tang Dong Bao was so close to becoming an immortal. Before he could receive an official certificate, he had to complete a task. Thanks to the guidance of his senior immortals, he accepted an amazing task! His objective was to travel to different worlds and save the target, Xiao Yi. However, in the first world, Dong Bao was directly killed by him! What exactly can I do to save you, my dear target?! This is the story of one man’s attempt at treating a psychopath.

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 13 Let's talk this out Jul 16, 2020 Chapter 12 So what if he likes to wear female clothing? Jul 6, 2020 Chapter 11 Not good enough Jul 2, 2020 Chapter 10 You really do hate me a lot Jun 29, 2020 Chapter 9 I'll help you drink Jun 26, 2020 Chapter 8 You're very childish Jun 23, 2020 Chapter 7 He belongs to me and I am me Jun 21, 2020 Chapter 6 Tell you the truth Jun 20, 2020 Chapter 5 Are you following me? Jun 18, 2020 Chapter 4 Don't provoke her Jun 18, 2020 Chapter 3 Who is this little lady? Jun 18, 2020 Chapter 2 The second world Jun 18, 2020 Chapter 1 The "princess" turned into an evil dragon? Jun 17, 2020


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