Yumizuka Iroha wa Tejun ga Daiji!

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Status: completed

Last updated: 11 hours ago

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Category: shounen


Yumizuka-san grew up as the daughter of one of Japan's leading families of archery. But she had a secret about her seemingly perfect life! A tempestuous romantic comedy about a captivating archer! -Yui Daisuke (from Jump Plus)

Chapter name Time uploaded

Vol.1 Chapter 8 Yumizuka Iroha's Pool Cleaning 12 hours ago Vol.1 Chapter 7 Yumizuka Iroha's Path Home Oct 15, 2020 Vol.1 Chapter 6 Aug 9, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 5 Jul 30, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 4 Jul 19, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 3 Jul 15, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 2 Jul 4, 2018 Vol.1 Chapter 1 Jun 28, 2018


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