Your Vision

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Author(s): 阿言 , 中1

Status: completed

Last updated: Feb 23, 2021

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A girl who is introverted and incompetent finds a bow in her room. After wearing it, she sees something unexpected... Adolescent feelings, afraid of discovery, and longing for new knowledge. My love for you because I like you. My gaze is on you and you only.

Chapter name Time uploaded

Chapter 4.5 Care part 2 of 2 Feb 23, 2021 Chapter 4 Care Part 1 Of 2 Feb 23, 2021 Chapter 3 Thanks Feb 21, 2021 Chapter 2 Ok! I Promise You! May 6, 2020 Chapter 1 Meeting Nov 6, 2019 Chapter 0 My Eyes Are On You Nov 3, 2019


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